There is nothing like a brand-new set of tires on your vehicle. Your car seems to drive better, and your ride is usually smoother. It is not your imagination. There are advantages of getting new tires. One of the most important advantages is safety. When you replace old, worn-out tires, you are giving your vehicle a better cushion of safety since the treads are thick and ready to take on future trips. Speaking of better treads, you will get better gas mileage, enhanced road traction, exceptional performance, and an improved driving experience overall. When it comes to tires in Palmer, MA, nobody can beat the selection of new tires or tire services you will find at Demore’s Automotive.

New Tires in Palmer, MA

At Demore’s Automotive, we sell all tire brands including the top brands such as Goodyear, Cooper, Hankook, Michelin, Toyo, and Continental. We know replacing your tires can be costly, especially all four which is usually recommended to ensure that you have the same tire diameter on all of your tires to give them a longer lifespan. This is definitely true if any of the tires have significant wear. Because we believe that your tires are a very important part of your safety when driving, we offer a Nationwide 3 Year Tire Protection Road Hazard Program. Please ask any one of our team members for details.

Tire Services

When you purchase new tires, you are making an investment. We want you to protect that investment and get the most out of it. We recommend regular tire maintenance to extend the life of your tires for as long as possible.

Uneven or low tire pressure causes your tires to wear out faster as well as pose a potential safety hazard. Checking your tire pressure regularly can prevent this situation. At Demore’s Automotive, we think it is a good idea to come by and have your tires rotated every 6-8,000 miles. During your rotation, our technicians will inspect your tires so you can have peace of mind.

Uneven tread wear causes a change in weight distribution. As a result, you get a much bumpier ride where you can feel a vibration from the steering wheel to the seat. This is an indication that you need to have your tires balanced. Our technicians can have your tires balanced in no time, getting you on the road faster.

When you do need a tire replacement, a rotation, or a balance, Demore’s Automotive in Palmer, MA is here for you! Contact us to make an appointment.