Auto Electrical Services

Auto Electrical Services

It is easy to forget how much your vehicle relies on electrical systems to function properly. When you think of auto repair, you immediately think of your engine, transmission, and tires. But your battery, alternator, and starter play a major part in the functionality of your automobile. If you are experiencing electrical issues, Demore’s Automotive is here to help with the best auto electrical service in Palmer, MA.

Electrical Services We Offer


Did you need a jump start this morning? That is a good sign that your battery is failing. Your battery supplies electrical energy to your lights, ignition, and starter systems so you need it to work properly. Vehicle batteries don’t last forever. They break down as time goes on. If you suspect your battery is starting to fail, it likely needs to be repaired or possibly replaced.

The experts at Demore’s Automotive are here to help. Bring your vehicle in and we will do a quick battery test and advise you on the next step.


Most people, including mechanics, automatically assume their battery is at fault when they are having starting issues. The truth is that alternators are often the culprit. In fact, a bad alternator can quickly kill that new battery you just put in. Vehicles take a lot of energy to run all their various components and that can quickly drain a battery. The alternator’s job is to actually charge your battery as your car is running.

Before you just change what you think is a dead battery, we recommend coming into Demore’s Automotive for a battery and alternator test so we can make sure you are fixing the right problem. We will give your vehicle a thorough inspection and repair and get you back on the road in no time.


We take the starters in our cars for granted every single day. Getting in your car, turning the key, and starting your engine is a fairly mindless activity until your engine doesn’t start. If your lights are on, but your engine won’t turn when you turn the key, you are likely looking at a bad or failing starter.

Luckily, Demore’s Automotive offers tow service to our shop so you can get your vehicle repaired and get back to your regular schedule.

Auto Electrical Services Near Me

At Demore’s Automotive we work on all makes and models and even offer fleet services to help keep your day-to-day operations running smoothly. Call us today to schedule your next Palmer auto electrical service or repair appointment.

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