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Wheel Alignment & Tires

At Demore’s Automotive, we believe it is important for our customers to remain in control of their vehicles. When your vehicle gets knocked out of alignment, that control and handling are put at risk which will cause uneven wear on your tires as well as decreasing the safety of the vehicle. The best way to prevent this from happening is to have your wheels aligned regularly.

Alignment Basics

What exactly is a wheel alignment? A wheel alignment consists of small adjustments to the car’s suspension system. This system is what allows the driver to control the vehicle’s wheels. An alignment is not an adjustment of the tires, but the angles of the tires. There are several elements that could affect your wheel’s alignment. It mostly will be affected by your driving habits. If you drive on a road that has a lot of potholes, your wheels will be out of alignment in no time. If you drive on smoother roads, that is less likely to happen. Drivers who tend to speed over speed bumps, or hit the curb a lot will need more alignments. Even driving on gravel roads could cause your wheels to become misaligned. Pay attention to your driving habits to help increase the intervals between alignments.

Signs of a Misalignment

When your wheels are misaligned, it greatly affects your vehicle’s driving performance. Luckily, there are symptoms to look out for, to inform you of when it is time to get it inspected. The first sign you may notice is your vehicle pulling to the side while driving. A dead giveaway is uneven tread wear on your tires. Uneven tire wear not only can become a dangerous situation causing your tire to have a blowout but will also wear your tires out before their time. Therefore, it is important to keep your alignment in check and pay attention to the obvious signs. Here at Demore’s Automotive, we value the safety of you and your vehicle above anything else. Our technicians will gladly inspect your tires to see if they show signs of irregular wear indicating that you have an alignment problem. This will help you to avoid costly repairs, premature tire replacement, and even a dangerous tire incident.

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