Roadside Assistance

  •  Free to every customer who spends $25 or more on vehicle services at our shop.
  • Coverage includes events such as a flat, lock-out, empty tank, dead battery and need for a tow.

  •  Customers can go direct to a preferred roadside service provider OR have one dispatched to them.
  • Customers are covered 24/7 for an entire year.
  • Customers will be reimbursed on roadside services up to $75 per occurrence, up to two service calls in a 365-day period.

  • Tire Road Hazard Program
  •  Customers can get 36-months of pro-rated coverage on any new tires purchased at our location.
  •  This plan covers your tire purchases for three years. It includes 100% replacement the first year, 50% replacement the second year, and 25% replacement the third year, down to 2/32" tread wear. It's just that easy, with no complicated mileage/tread wear charts to consult.